** Cooked Soup**

Bowl ...$5.50     Cup…$3.75

Sweet Potato Coconut Curry

(mirepoix, rice, coconut mylk, fennel, curry powder, salt, lime, olive oil)

French Lentil

(mirepoix, lemon, dijon, herbs, olive oil, tomato)

**Raw Special**

Creamy Herb Pasta~ 14.

Spiraled zucchini noodles tossed with creamy herb dressing (cashews, tahini, almond, dill, basil, garlic, maple, olive oil, garbanzo miso, lemon).  Served over a bed of baby spinach and topped with garlic walnuts, white beans, broccoli, cabbage, red onion and sprouts.

**Cooked Specials**  

Chili Cornbread~ 14

House made cornbread (gluten free) topped with butternut squash chili.  Served with cashew sour cream, guacamole, shredded lettuce and red onion.

Roasted Portabello and Kale Stew~ 10

Roasted portobellos and kale with slow cooked potatoes, turnips, onion, carrots, tomato and peas with garlic, white wine vinegar and herbs.  Served over a bed of warm brown rice and arugula.

**Seasonal Smoothies**

Pumpkin Spice $9.49

Banana, carrot, mango, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, clove, almond butter, date, almond mylk

Apple Pie Smoothie $9.49

Organic apple cider, cashew butter, banana, cinnamon, mesquite, coriander

Cold Brew Smoothie $10.50

House-made cold brew, banana almond mylk, cashew butter, date, cacao