cacao |kəˈkāō|

NOUN beanlike seeds from which cocoa, cocoa butter, and chocolate are made.

ORIGIN unknown, controversy about origin and domestication

The roots of this seed inspired the business itself. As an ancient superfood, “cacao” connects one to a time when life was slower and cooking was sacred. With the hyper-convenience of modern life, many of us can only operate a microwave. Enjoying a home cooked meal is now a luxury. We at Cacao Tree aim to remedy that; to weave our food origins back into everyday life.

Our mission is simple. By creating fresh, nourishing offerings using the highest quality ingredients available, we hope to inspire you to eat more plants, feel amazing and desire to create your own unique dishes at home.  While our recipes can incorporate costly ingredients, we recommend sourcing locally when at all possible, preserving fresh foods and growing as much of your own food as possible.  Seasonal, regional produce and whole food ingredients always yield the best flavor and nutrition.  Most of all, we believe they contribute to a healthier ecosystem and a more connected community.


Amber Poupore, Founder & Consultant 

Meghan Gauvreau, General Manager